Aaron Donahue

Aaron Donahue originally showed up at PSI TECH's doors in 1996 when PSI TECH was training civilians from all walks of life. Ed Dames & Jonina Dourif trained Aaron Donahue along with two other students in a three student class that lasted nine days in PSI TECH's Beverly Hills training office.

Aaron moved in with one of the other classmates for a short time and then disappeared from PSI TECH's remote viewing community and went back to drifting from one person and place to the next as he had done before.

When Aaron heard that Ed Dames had left PSI TECH in 1999, he latched on to Ed and started making wild claims about remote viewing lotteries and demons. Ed Dames, perhaps unaware of Donahue's deranged thinking, began parading Donahue around for remote viewing demonstrations. But in 2003, after months of posting some of darkest and disturbing writings in the psi field, Donahue announced proudly that he was a Luciferian (devil worshipper.)

Aaron Donahue posted the following in June 2003:

"Lucifer is the loving progenitor of what we refer to as a complete human being or "mirror." It does not take your soul but rather, it provides sanctuary... Lucifer also oversees much of our future with children. This will explain why it is that Ed has never located a missing child. Ed is clearly influenced by the Angels who are at war with mankind..." -- Aaron Donahue

"Here is one hilarious situation that ended a working relationship between Ed Dames and Jennifer (Aaron's sister). Jennifer, true to the workings of all that is fun and good, sent a link to Ed dames... this item was a butt-plug fashioned after the baby Jesus! Ha! I laughed my ass off. Poor Ed did not find it funny and "fired" Jennifer. Was it worth it? Yes! Jennifer is on my side now working for "darkness". Ha!" -- Aaron Donahue

"As a Luciferian, I am the obvious target of hatred, lies, fear, and outrageous slander by many that do not share my views. This is, of course to be expected of ignorance. Ed is not ignorant therefore he has clearly betrayed himself knowing that from the very beginning, he has been working for Lucifer. " -- Aaron Donahue

"Each time that Ed predicts death and destruction to all via Coast to Coast, he sells his Mind-fizzle kit and promotes a very expensive short seminar for suckers..." -- Aaron Donahue

In February 2004, Ed Dames' organization posted the following about Aaron Donahue and F.M. Bonsall:

"The time has come where we feel compelled to inform our students about the sad and unfortunate decisions of FM Bonsall and his association with Luciferian. As many of you have already heard, FM is Aaron Donahue's new partner in remote viewing training from the radio talk shows. Over the last year Mr. FM Bonsall took serious advantage of those that tried to help and support him when all along he was deceiving us and was in repeated communication with Aaron, a professed Luciferian despite the warning from Major Dames and Remote Perception that any contact with Aaron would terminate future association with Major Dames and Remote Perception. This explains his serious lack of ethics that came into question several times over the last year and as a result the association with FM was terminated last October. Aaron proudly announced that FM now teaches following Lucerfierians and his new recruits. Aaron professes in the belief that all Christians should be killed, parents should show their children how to use LSD and other serious mind altering drugs, because as Aaron has stated, "the most spiritual people I know take massive amounts of [these] drugs"."

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