Lyn Buchanan -
President, Problems Solutions Innovations, Sergeant, U.S. Army, Retired

Lyn Buchanan was the database manager of the U.S. government's remote viewing unit. He was brought into the unit at the urging of General Stubblebine, who heard that Buchanan had accidentally knocked out a computer using Psycho Kinesis. Lyn claims to have been trained in Coordinate Remote Viewing by "everybody" in the unit, however, he continues to have ongoing disagreements about CRV protocols with Paul Smith and Ed Dames states that Lyn was untrainable. Lyn lectured remote viewing theory to new members of the unit. Lyn did some private contract work for PSI TECH and later made remote viewing part of his own computer database business (Problems, Solutions, Innovations.) Lyn teaches his version of CRV, which has the terminology renamed at Ingo Swann's request. He claims to have had a UFO abduction experience, based upon repressed memories that were recovered later.

Lyn frequently speaks at UFO conferences and events and has organized his own "Controlled Remote Viewing Conferences." Although it seems that every internet page has a different spelling for his name, it is, in fact, "Lyn Buchanan."


Website: Problems>Solutions>Innovations

Website: 4th Annual CRV Conference


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