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Ed Dames was one of the first five who were trained by Ingo Swann in the Coordinate Remote Viewing protocols. Ed Dames was very surprised and enthused at the possibilities of the technology but he felt that the military would not embrace and contribute to the evolution of Remote Viewing. It turns out that he was correct because with the continuous turn over of administrators in the DoD, the RV program fell into chaos. Ed Dames was instrumental in taking the remote viewing technology out of military secrecy by forming the private corporation known as Psi Tech in 1989. The presiding INSCOM General and a special Forces Colonel sat on the Board of Directors of Psi Tech to ensure its safe entree into the civilian sector. It is reported that PSi Tech was using the professional remote viewers to continue to provide adjunct Intel to government agencies. Mr. Dames retired as a major from the Army in 1991. 

Soon afterwards, he became a controversial guest on an all night talk radio show by prophesying doom and gloom using his own remote viewing ability. His self claimed RV abilities have garnered more bad press to the field of remote viewing then any others. He has made countless claims that never come to pass. (Look here for more examples of these claims.  http://www.ufowatchdog.com/rvdames4.html ) People speculate that he uses RV as a vehicle for his talk show entertainment more then for the alleged operations which he expounds on.  He peddles a trivial parlor trick game and purports that it contains all the collected knowledge of RV. 

It is rumored that Dames had difficulty adjusting to civilian life. His ex-wives report that he had a serious problem with anger and jealousy. Dames' former company Psi Tech is now under the leadership of Joni Dourif. People who have worked with Dames say that he operated as a one man show and that he was highly competitive and critical of his own team members. It appears 
that his arrogant and judgmental character made him a target of hatred and ridicule. Dames failed to succeed fostering a productive image for himself and he eventually fell into a reclusive life in Hawaii. His former colleagues praise him for ushering RV out of secrecy but they also say that his faulty predictions have hurt the public image of remote viewing.

Dames speaks eloquently and sounds impressive but investigative reports indicate that, in reality, he bases his facts on his volatile emotions of the moment. In keeping with his history of hypocrisy, Dames openly slanders his former partner, Joni Dourif. When he was at PSI TECH he publicly praised her "as one of the worlds best remote viewers." Now, he uses his talk show forum to try to denigrate her and her RV skills.

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Dames founded PSI TECH as a private corporation in 1989 while still in the service himself. This was an unprecedented act to take a classified technology (such as CRV/TRV) into the private sector by forming a private consulting firm. An act that would normally attract a court marshal for Ed Dames but he had the help of General Albert Stubblebine who sat on the board of directors as Chairman of the board. PSI TECH also had blessings of help from others in high places who recognized the importance of preserving this valuable technology. Colonel John Alexander (then a director at Los Alamos labs) was next to join the board of Directors and then Jonina Dourif, who was one of the first trained civilians, and was also the fiancee of Ed Dames. Dames & Dourif eventually became equal partners in PSI TECH until Dames resigned in 1999 and left Joni Dourif at the hub as president.

Dames brought David Morehouse into the DIA's Remote Viewing unit during its latter days and worked with him for a short period until he discovered Morehouse's unsavory past and fired him from the ranks of PSI TECH. Morehouse went on to try to change the history about remote viewing in a book that Jim Marrs was writing about the PSI SPY unit. Morehouse left his wife to move in with the literary book agent who had put together the book deal to be released by Random House. However, when Dames (who was then living with Joni Dourif) discovered that Morehouse had manipulated the story by transposing himself into the role of Dames and then portrayed Dames aa "the bad guy" - Dames had the book stopped in the galleys. The Random House deal to write the story had originally been struck between Jim Marrs and Ed dames. But Morehouse didn't give up, he then wrote a spin-off version and called it "Psychic Warrior" which eventually got published by Saint Martins Press. He severely dramatized the story in order to try to get a movie deal but the book was only about 20% factual. In reality, Morehouse was court marshalled out of the army on sodomy & theft charges subsequently there was no movie deal in the cards for Mr. Morehouse!



Ed Dames wrote an article about Lyn Buchanan entitled Will The Real Lyn Buchanan Please Sit Down

PSI TECH when run by Dames & Dourif, contracted all of the formerly military remote viewers, including Paul Smith & Mel Riley up until 1998 when PSI TECH accumulated a sufficient pool of professionally trained civilian remote viewers & the military guys went on to pursue their own private enterprises.

Ed Dames trained Aaron Donahue , who is now a self described Luciferian (i.e. devil worshipper)

Ed Dames trained Courtney Brown, then later disavowed Brown after Brown changed the protocols: Courtney Brown


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