Sean David Morton -
Founder, Delphi Associates

Sean David Morton has led an exceptionally varied life. Currently founder and figurehead of his "Delphi Associates," Sean continues to blaze new trails in just about every arena imagineable, from UFO's to Ghosts to Government conspiracies and even Time Travel.

Or at least, so he would have you imagine.

Unlike most other figures in the remote viewing industry, Sean wastes no opportunity to spread information and claims about himself, his background, and his past achievements. He also goes on to elaborate on the achievements of his parents. Indeed, Sean Morton has a wealth of claims and credentials that he very openly exhibits everywhere he goes.

While his stated accomplishments and abilities leave little to the imagination, the actual veracity of these claims appears to be exceedingly insignificant. Sean has, in the past, made multiple inaccurate statements, only to modify and/or retract them at a later date when challenged on them. Sean's work history appears to consist of identifying the latest supernatural or paranormal fad, and immediately swooping in and capitalizing on the idea, creating and using whatever credentials or experiences he feels nessecary to place him in a position of power in that arena.

After starting his "Delphi Associates" program, Sean moved from general UFO/Paranormal/Prophet/Conspiracy Expert into the burgeoning field of remote viewing, instantly selling and promoting his own product called "Spiritual Remote Viewing." Like many others jumping on the remote viewing bandwagon, Sean offers little in the way of past experience, credentials, or training, only saying in passing that his system is based on Coordinate Remote Viewing and Associative Remote Viewing. Unfortunately, neither CRV nor ARV feature anything like the Spiritual Remote Viewing concept of "expanding one’s connection to the universal love vibration."

In all, it appears that Sean Morton's primary goal is to attract as much attention towards Sean Morton as possible. His companies, sites, and endeavors appear to be solely positioned to provide him with a continual source of revenue, offering little in the way of valid information beyond his own rambling ideas and concepts about the world.

In an exemplary feat of investigative journalism, Royce J. Myers III of has published a dazzling true account and debunking of Sean David Morton's life history and related claims. Read the article and more about Sean David Morton at The Morton Files on

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