Glenn Wheaton -
President, Hawaii Remote Viewers' Guild

At present, the remote viewing background of Glenn Wheaton appears to vary depending on who you ask, and at which time you ask. The most current story is that Glenn claims to have been part of a Special Forces Remote Viewing Unit.

Former military Remote Viewer Paul Smith had this to say about Glenn Wheaton.

The only thing that can indeed be verified is Glenn's involvement with PSI TECH and TRV training at some point prior to his establishment of his HRVG group. Joni Dourif, President of PSI TECH, has the following to say regarding her knowledge of Glenn Wheaton:

Who is Glenn Wheaton & the Hawaiian Remote Viewing Guild?


We have been asked who this person is.

Let me tell you the story of Glenn Wheaton who leads 'The Hawaiian Remote Viewing Guild' from the beginning to the end of his involvement with us.

When PSI TECH first started its website with chatrooms, Glenn Wheaton sat in our chatroom almost 24 hours a day. Before he knew who I was, he told me that he was a "trained Remote Viewer from the military unit." I had never heard of him, so, I asked, "who trained you?" He told me "General Albert Stubblebine." I knew that General Stubblebine was not trained at that time, so I confronted Glenn with this. He was quiet and came back later with a new story. Now, he was trained by a "somebody Ireland" that no one had ever heard of. As time went by, Glenn read all the books which came out on RV and began reciting their various stories as though they were his experiences. Ed had never heard of Glenn Wheaton either so, I began to inquire about him. Colonel John Alexander (who was right hand man to General Stubblebine in INSCOM and a former Special Forces Officer in Vietnam) had never heard of him. In fact, even the other military remote viewers (who constantly bicker about PSI TECH) had never heard of him. Glenn Wheaton bought the first PSI TECH training tape, Module 1.0, and began cohorting with Prudence Calabrese and other civilian spin off 'self-proclaimed RV experts.'

Glenn Wheaton believes that he will succeed based on civilian ignorance of the military Intelligence system. He uses the old worn out line of not being able to reveal evidence of his alleged Intell RV background because "it's classified" and "top secret". The Intelligence community's Remote Viewing program was officially declassified in September of 1995.

It's true that he was enlisted in the army and worked in South America on (B-team support) classified jobs, but Glenn Wheaton was NOT involved in the DoD's (Dept. of Defense) Remote Viewing unit, or the CIA's Remote Viewing program. He claims, now, to have been involved in the (now defunct) ASA's (Army Security Agency) and the NSA's (National Security Agency) 'alleged' RV programs. However, NO ONE in Intell has heard of these.

Do not be fooled by this man. He has learned the first three stages of RV from PSI TECH's first TRV training tape. He changed the protocols and calls them "the military protocols". He teaches under the guise of 'research' without having learned the real RV structure first. The Intell community funded military RV research and put the (Ingo Swann discovered) protocols to the test for 15 years, using the brightest minds they could find. Glenn Wheaton disgraces RV history, and has turned it into a "parlor trick gimmick" to attract naive PSI seekers.

He claims to have been banned from PSI TECH's bulletin boards by me, while pretending to be on friendly terms with Ed. However, he knows very well that Major Dames banned him. I have the letters he wrote to Ed asking him why.

We have many witnesses of Glenn's evolving egotistical fantasies over the years. He was finally banned from PSI TECH's chatroom, as well.

PS. By the way, Glenn, if you're going to scream "lawsuit" again, remember that in court you have to produce evidence.


PSI TECH, President


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